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The role of a basketball coach is not simply to improve the skills of each player and their understanding of the various tactics of the game. A coach’s role extends to developing each athlete as a person. Particularly when coaching young athletes, a coach should seek to instil a love of the game in each player and a desire to play and learn about the game.

"Basketball for Young Players" stresses that coaches who work with young players cannot coach the same way as coaches working with professionals; they need to develop their own working style, which takes into account the athletic and personal development of players.

It is not a handbook that attempts to cover every aspect of basketball, but rather a volume intended for coaches who are already certified, and who therefore have a technical understanding of the sport.

The book was written with the help of several experts with various professional backgrounds, including psychology, sports psychology, physical education and law. All have extensive experience working as basketball coaches of young players.

The book can be downloaded for free here.
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World Association of Basketball Coaches (WABC)

What is WABC?

The aim of the World Association of Basketball Coaches (WABC) is to improve the standard of the game through improving the standard of those teaching the game.

Therefore, the core activities of the WABC is dedicated to the basketball coaches’ development throughout the world which includes, among other activities, the organization of multiple coaching clinics worldwide as well as the production of coaching resources in several languages.

In addition, the WABC is engaged in creating and developing a worldwide basketball coaches’ community, which is already composed by thousands of high level coaches from all countries around the world, with the purpose of creating a platform supporting the basketball coaches’ development through the exchange of knowledge.

The WABC is also highly active in providing input and advice regarding playing and coaching standards and trends to the FIBA Technical Commission, thanks to the WABC Advisory Committee which is composed by current or former National or Head Coaches who have had exposure to international coaching or worked with players who have competed in international competition.

All activities of the WABC are endorsed by and organized through FIBA (International Basketball Federation), the world governing organization.

Who can become a WABC member?

To become a WABC member, a coach must first be included in the list of coaches holding the highest grading by his/her National Federation (National Federation of the country he/she is a legal citizen).

WABC member may not hold a players agents’ license issued by FIBA or another organization.

How to become a WABC member?

A coach who wants to become a WABC member must firstly contact his/her National Federation. If he/she meets all the requirements of his/her National Federation, the National Federation shall submit to FIBA all required documents and information in accordance with the FIBA Internal regulations – Book 3.

An administrative fee will have to be paid by the National Federation as stipulated in the FIBA Internal regulations - Book 3, for each new WABC member from the National Federation.

WABC may reject an application if the coach is not in good standing, in particular if he has a criminal record, or if he does not have a good reputation.


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