Mini Basketball is a game for boys and girls. It is essentially a modification of the adult game that has been adapted to the needs of children. The philosophy is simple: do the children play a game that is not convenient, but you change something to suit them.

The aim of Mini-Basketball is to provide opportunities for children of all abilities to enjoy rich experiences they transferred to Basketball with enthusiasm.

The game of basketball is played with a large ball, on boards that are too high for most children. In Mini-Basketball ball size is reduced and the height of the boards and the basket is lowered. Basketball has many technical rules, in Mini-Basketball these are minimized.

However, more rules can be introduced as children progress in their skills and learning abilities. Respective FIBA Zone must deal with finding a way for countries to apply the same rules and use the same philosophy.

FIBA Americas has launched the official logo of Mini Basketball, to be used for all events and activities, as well as all communications related to Mini basketball and promotional activities in the American continent.

"The design concept was developed with children in mind. Everything came out of that thinking process, bold colors and simplicity in the figures of the players, looking to appeal to the basketball kids in our continent. The most important point however was the inclusion. This is a logo that has both a girl player and a boy player, locked inside of the same circle enjoying the sport." said Fernando L. Rolon, graphic designer from FIBA Americas.

"Our mission is that all our federations and sports enthusiasts recognize that the Mini basketball is the foundation for the development of all the children participating in basketball. We at FIBA Americas continue working hard to bring the importance that this level deserves. The creation of this new logo is another step in our efforts to unify the development vision and effort that Mini-basketball needs across our continent.", said Victor Ojeda, director of the Basketball Academy and head of Mini Basketball program in FIBA Americas.

The Mini Basketball Commissions shall have the following duties:
• To appraise all matters specifically of the category according to established by the Youth Basketball Commission. The President of this Commission must be part of the Youth Basketball Commission.

• To prepare an annually program of the International Activities to be held and will present it to the Secretary General for their approval. It must maintain permanent communication with the corresponding Commissions of the National Federations.

Basketball Academy

The Americas Basketball Academy is a philosophical and practical concept that is established responding to the basic need for education and learning for Coaches, Referees and Table Officials. This vanguard movement arises through a study that demonstrated a series of deficiencies in the development of the players on the part of the Coaches of all levels.

The absence of basic training of the Coaches has been demonstrated when the only demand that they have is for the players to win without going through the learning process. The lack of values, responsibility, commitment, respect, organization, discipline, planning have been the determining factors that do not contribute to the integral growth of the players.

The fundamental purpose of the Americas Basketball Academy is to achieve the unification of basketball education in the formative stage through all the Continental America Federations in order to improve the quality of education.

Specific Objectives of the Academy

• To unify the education and training of the Coaches, Referees and Table Officials in all of the Federations.
• To establish the “Youth Coach Project” to achieve the certification that would accredit them to work with youths.
• To make the federative members aware of the importance of working with a work plan and in teams with the Coaches, Referees, Table Officials and Technical Commission Association.
• To establish and keep records of all the Coaches, Referees, and Table Officials and obtain their Certification through each Federation.
• To enhance the image of the Coach by its values and principles and to reveal a better person in order to convert him into a better Coach.

Youth Coach Project

This is a “Work Plan” designed to teach and develop Coaches under the progressive process of training and enhancing the personality and the value of the Coach. The “Youth Coach Project” consists of three basic learning components.

1. Theory
2. Technique
3. Practice divided into three progressive levels. (1) - (2) - (3)

Certification Project

This is a vanguard Project where its major objectives is to develop an educational process for the Coaches, Referees and Table Officials in order to train them with knowledge and necessary tools on the teaching of technique, theory and practice of the game in order to apply this in the development of the child.

This Certification program should comply with the requirements established by FIBA-AMERICA and the Basketball Academy through its federations, who are the only governing body that grants the certification, in harmony with the requirements established by each Federation.

Objectives of the Project:

• To establish a plan or an educational program for the training of the Coaches.
• Obtain training for Coaches and certify them through an educational process so that they may carry over the correct education to other Coaches and consequently to the children.
• To develop a new generation of Coaches guided through an apprenticeship of values, moral principles and ethics together with the technical and tactical knowledge that basketball demands.
• To achieve the comprehension of the importance of planning, organization and methodology that every Coach should possess.
• That every Coach obtain his Certification so that he can work in the federative program.


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