Basketball is everywhere. Played all over the world on the biggest stages.

Invented just over 120 years ago, basketball is a growing sport with, at its core, an estimated 450 million players and fans worldwide who compete, watch or follow a game they love and feel deeply passionate about.

Gender neutral, continuously breaking down racial and religious barriers, basketball unites rather than divides.

Young and fast, modern and exciting, basketball is above all else inspiring.

A TV favourite, it is also the most popular team sport of the Olympics, the world’s favourite sporting event.

FIBA Media & Marketing Services, the wholly-owned subsidiary of FIBA, is responsible for the development, management and delivery of all of FIBA’s media and marketing activities, as well as related partnerships, including those for FIBA’s flagship competitions, the FIBA Basketball World Cups for Men and Women.

With commercial partnerships playing a significant role for FIBA, the development of the game and the staging of its events, FIBA Media & Marketing Services generates revenue through the sale of broadcast rights, its global sponsorship programme and official licensing programmes.


CBC’s regional partnership programme brings the perfect opportunity for brands to become associated with international basketball. We’re very proud of our Global and Regional Partner family and are continuously working to welcome new brands on board that share the common values and passion for basketball.

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Our global and regional partner programme is the basis of long term partnerships with our CBC partners, whose global market rights cross all CBC competitions, granting them worldwide rights based on product category exclusivity.

Brand Identity

Each identity portfolio is developed and rolled out in terms of event branding concepts and venue dressing solutions by the FIBA HQ Marketing Team with the support of professional creative designers.

Our Intellectual Property Programme for FIBA and its’ events is also managed centrally and this includes all trademark and design registration such as logos, word marks, taglines, mascots as well as any secondary graphic elements.

Media Rights

FIBA TV is responsible for the distribution of all television, radio and new media rights related to FIBA competitions as well as also coordinating all broadcast rights during its championships. Thanks to partnerships with external content and service providers, FIBA also ensures that international basketball has a constant and high-level exposure worldwide.

Rights Distribution

FIBA TV is responsible for the distribution of all Broadcast rights related to the FIBA Basketball World Cup, FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup, Youth World Championships, Continental Championships and Zone Championships as well as the ever-increasing FIBA Archive of past events.

Such areas include the formation of the rights packages, negotiation, drafting and signing of all agreements together with the full post-signature servicing aspects.

Event Organisation

FIBA TV is responsible for the coordination of the Television and Digital media production and delivery elements at all FIBA competitions, including the FIBA Basketball World Cup, the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup, the Continental Championships and the Zone Championships.

In an ever changing media and broadcast landscape, FIBA aims for the highest broadcast standards by adopting the latest in TV and multimedia technology and working with the world’s best service providers.

The FIBA Television Manual outlines all of the relevant aspects in detail to ensure the optimum television coverage of FIBA’s competitions.

As part of the complete FIBA branding concept, the FIBA Graphics Manual details all information and necessary templates and ensures that all of the graphics are in line with the FIBA corporate identity as well as the look and feel of the respective events. The FIBA Graphics Manual is provided to the host broadcaster of each event.

FIBA TV Academy

Basketball is a truly global game and, as with any global sport, the styles and ways of broadcasting the games vary significantly around the world.

The FIBA TV Academy is an online educational tool that has been developed by FIBA in order to guide and educate the users in the best practice production of a basketball game.

The FIBA TV Academy is the destination for basketball directors to visit and understand the basic fundamental principles and skills required for the optimum coverage of the sport of basketball. The site content has been developed through the analysis of the production of basketball games throughout the world and the input of basketball directors that have been responsible for FIBA World and Continental Championships, Olympic Games as well as NBA and Euroleague basketball games.

FIBA’s aim is that, as the overall production level of the game of basketball improves throughout the world, the awareness and interest and visual image of the sport grows. This will lead to more people of all ages, genders and cultures playing basketball.

This tool will become increasingly important in relation to the new FIBA calendar in 2017 where more and more games will need to be produced around the world.

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